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Do you suffer from combined hearing and vision loss? Are you concerned about the plight of those who struggle with a combined loss of hearing and vision? Do you want to know more about the issues of Deaf-Blindness?

The National Federation of the Blind Deaf-Blind Division is working hard to raise awareness of the issues of Deaf-Blindness, to educate the public, and advocate for the needs of the Deaf-Blind.

The real problem of Deaf-Blindness is a misunderstanding of term Deaf-Blind". So many mistakenly believe that this disability only applies to those with severe to total hearing and vision loss. Instead, people who are Deaf-Blind have a wide range of hearing and vision loss. Many may not even realize that they can be identified as "Deaf-Blind".

News Bulletin!

The NFB Deaf-Blind division will be sponsoring a Support Service Provider Training Workshop & Seminar on Thursday, July 3rd from 12:30 - 2:30 PM. This workshop will utilize both consumers & mentors to share information about the different types of "interpreting" from voice interpreting to tactile interpreting, the various aspects of SSP work, and different types of settings in which SSP's and interpreters work with Deaf-Blind individuals. We will also talk about the differences between SSP's and interpreters. We will touch on the subject of intervenors. There is so much to cover in a short period of time. There will be some really AWESOME speakers & professionals.

Location: The Rosen Center Hotel, Orlando, Florida. More information coming soon.

And also, the NFB Deaf-Blind Division meeting will be Wednesday, July 2nd from 7-9 PM.

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Deaf-Blind Division
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