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Certain parts of the website currently do not appear visually appealing depending on your method of viewing the site. Later this year the website will be migrated to a new platform and redesigned to have a similar and unified look to the NFB's website. Until then, we apologize for those visual aspects that we have no control over at this time.

Programs & Initiatives

Current programs and initiatives of the NFB Deaf-Blind Division include:

National SSP Survey on Curriculum and Training

The National SSP Development Alliance (NSSPDA, formerly known as the SSP Task Force) Certification Team asked for the NFB DeafBlind Division to help spread an important survey to SSPs. The survey targeted experienced SSPs to find out about the training, experiences, skills, and knowledge that SSPs believe are necessary as they support DeafBlind individuals leading independent and empowered lives. The deadline for survey submission has now passed. The results of the survey were presented during the 2017 NFB National Convention.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) sponsors a program whereby eligible DeafBlind consumers can receive tele-communications technology and training. This FCC program is known as iCanConnect. Our goal is to ensure that every eligible DeafBlind individual has the necessary information to apply and access the free equipment available under iCanConnect. You can visit the program's website at


In response to the U.S. Department of Justice's consideration of adopting specific technical standards for website accessibility under title II of the ADA, the NFB has gathered member comments regarding the importance of accessible websites. For more information about the SANPRM, please read the full regulatory document here.

Sprint IP Relay

Sprint is the exclusive provider of IP Relay , which is used by many DeafBlind consumers for making telephone calls. In the very near future, Sprint plans to expand and improve upon their services to the DeafBlind community and would like to collaborate with the DeafBlind Division and the NFB as a whole.

Relay Conference Captioning - This service is available in the following states: New Jersey, North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, West Virginia, Hawaii, Florida and Federal Relay. The NJ RCC website is

Request for Feedback - Sprint would like feedback from the DeafBlind community on their web-based application and their Sprint Mobile IP apps for iPhone, iPad, and android devices. They are interested in how it works with braille and/or screen readers. They would also like to know which braille or screen readers are preferred by the DeafBlind community.

Interested individuals may contact Mike Ellis, the Global Director of Accessibility at Sprint, if they have any additional questions and/or want to participate in this collaboration. He can be contacted by email at, by telephone at 720-982-2938, and by video phone at 720-399-6690.

For more information about Sprint IP Relay, go to

To access the web-based application, click on this link

To download the iOS (iPhone and iPad) app, click on this link

To download the android app, click on this link

Convention Mentoring Program

Are you a person who is both blind and has a hearing loss, has attended many national conventions and would like to mentor other persons who are DeafBlind? Are you a DeafBlind person who would like to teach others about hearing loss and how they live their life successfully? Are you a DeafBlind person who will be attending the convention for the first time but has never experienced such a gathering? Are you a DeafBlind person who would like to learn from other DeafBlind persons on how they get food in a large hotel without assistance, find their room, check in to the hotel, browse the tables in the exhibit hall, and/or navigate the hotel lobby?

The NFB DeafBlind Division's Mentoring Committee has created a mentoring program to take place during the upcoming NFB national convention. If you wish to sign up as a mentor or mentee, please complete the appropriate application form found on our Convention Mentoring Program page. If you have questions, please contact Marsha Drenth, chair of the Mentoring Committee,

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